Who we are

The Cooperative Mixta Regional "Brisas de la Frontera" Limitada

was born on 20th of May 2004 integrated by small-scale male and female farmers of the indigenous Lenca with the aim to mitigate and to reduce the causes provoking poverty in the area.


In this sense, we consider that coffee is the sphere with the main impact and the strategical means to achieve social, environmental and economic development for our male and female members.



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What we offer

Our coffee obtains 86.5 points in the SCAA scale!


Beyond that, it holds the official seal of origin 'Dominación de Origen DO Marcala'.


We are producing organic coffee certified by BIOLATINA

grown by small-scale male and female producers with a seize of 0.3 until 2.5 hectares.

Our coffee grows on an altitude and strict-altitude level of 1350 to 1850 a.s.l. and is of the exotic varieties

Catuai, Bourbon, Typica, Pache, Paca and Catimor.



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What we do

We have a variety of social projects with which we aim to change the life conditions of our male and female members.

We focus on agro-ecological work as well as workshops especially devoted to women and young people affiliated to COMBRIFOL.


Our latest project is the SHOLARSHIP PROYECT for girls and boys familiar with our members.

Besides, we recently offer companionship for women in the case of domestic violence or medical visits including coverage of costs.


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In all areas of our work we focus on the ecological, economic and social values of sustainability.

For us, it is very important to cooperate with our members in a long term perspective and to seek an improvement of their conditions just as of the cooperative through following the values of solidarity and collegiality. Additionally, we concentrate on ecological values by working harmoniously with the nature.