Gender projects

In our cooperative we aim for gender equality.


We have various projects in order to support women: Workshops and other activities about self-esteem, the knowledge of their rights, about domestic and interfamilial violence, childcare and the support of single mothers and other issues.


Likewise, we work with men to break with prevalent role models in our society on both sides:

Masculinity workshops and activities about human rights and gender equality in mixed groups of large and small size.


Moreover, we collaborate with other organizations in our region.

The workshops are realized regularly in the four municipalities and villages in which our members and their families are home.


youth and sholarship projects

For COMBRIFOL it's very important also to work with youth related to our members:






We want to work with them in two ways:

On the one side, we want our children to learn about agriculture close to our natural environment and, of course, about coffee growing.

On the other side, we want to endorse future generations in their education and professional career. As we think this is as much important for them as for the development of our communities and the Honduran society as a whole.

Likewise, we want to hand over the fundamental values of COMBRIFOL to our scholars, which are trust, cooperation, mutual support and collectivity, equality and justice.


That's why we have different projects oriented towards our children:

The scholarship project since this year and activities to involve youth in coffee cultivation.

agroecological projects

Agroecological and organic ideals stand at the core of high-quality coffee production.


In COMBRIFOL, we think that the work jointly with nature is important to cultivate coffee holding excellent quality and exquisite taste.

Neither do we use chemicals in our finca nor do we cultivate monocultures.

We produce our own organic fertilizers based on dung and organic waste - following the values of our cooperative's values - collectively in the regional groups.

In the last years we could gain understanding about the coffee rust and we already know that the agroecological treatment is helping us to overcome previous problems.


By this means, we work together and exchange impressions and knowledge for the purpose to continually ensure good conditions to our soil and our plants.


Furthermore, we focus on the natural diversification in our fincas in the form of apiculture, useful and medicinal plants. Simultaneously, we foster and protect the flora and fauna located in the rural areas of Honduras.

100 % of the organic and Fairtrade premium are used for our social projects -

dedicated to the strengthening of our cooperative in the short, middle and long run.

Here you can get an insight into our activities: