Our coffee:

High-quality coffee from Marcala with an excellent flavor and a certificate of origin

Our coffee's characteristics

Our coffee comes from the four municipalities of Marcala, Santa Elena, Yarula and Nahuaterique located in the Department of La Paz in Honduras

- one of the world's best places to cultivate high-quality gourmet coffee!


Our varieties

We offer organic coffee of different varieties, amongst them:

 - Catuaí,

- Bourbon,

- Típica,

- Pache,

- Paca and

- Catimor.

The processing of our coffee is characterized by a maximum of care and diligence:

Sensitively harvested by hand and selected in two different baskets, afterwards treated moistly, naturally fermented, washed with clean water, softly sun-dried just as in solar dehydrators, and finally stored in appropriate and aerated storerooms. In the end the beans will be selected thoroughly and carefully packed by hand.

Altitude and climate

Our coffee grows on an altitude and strict-altitude level of 1350 - 1850 meters above sea level.

The climate of the area is subtropical and exhilarant with temperatures between 18°C and 21°C and an average rainfall of 1.700 up to 2.200 mm.


CUP perfil and flavor

A delicious, creamy and rich coffee

with a delicate aroma of citric and tropic fruits such as mango, passionfruit, peach and and apricot with an additional flavour of honey and mill chocolate.

The fragrance is of soft caramel and has a creamy and balanced body.

The color of our brewed coffee is maroon, suffused with light and almost black.



our seals of quality

To guarantee the high quality of our coffee we have a membership in different Honduran coffee networks.

The seal DO Marcala (Dominación de origen - certification of origin) ensures the source of our coffee as genuine café from Marcala. This is the only controller of the coffee's origin in the region as well as in whole Honduras and Central America.


Furthermore, we possess the organic certification by BIOLATINA and we comply with the organic standards both of the United States (US) and the European Union (EU).

This certification seal guarantees the organic production and the use of environmental-friendly techniques in the whole cultivation, harvesting and processing process.


Right now, we are at the process of achieving the Fairtrade certification by the WFTO.

Our extensive passion for high-quality coffee just as our thorough and sensitive treatment gives us a result

of 86.5 points on the SCAA scale (Specialty Coffee Association of America)!

The Specialty Coffee Association of America - shortly SCAA - annually examines the best coffees in the world and evaluates the different features of the product - not only the taste, but also the consistency, the processing and the treatment of the plant (from the cherry to the coffee bean) likewise as the roasting are important criteria for evaluation. In the last years, we always have been able to reach results constantly higher than 85 points on the SCAA scale.

For us, it's a great honor to obtain such a high result - but it also manifests our hard work to produce an excellent coffee for our purchasers and above all for all consumers of gourmet coffee worldwide.