Presentation of our cooperative

The cooperative COMBRIFOL was born on 20th of May 2004 integrated by small-scale male and female farmers of the indigenous Lenca with the aim to mitigate and to reduce the causes provoking poverty in the area.

In this sense, we consider that coffee is the sphere with the main impact and the strategical means to achieve social, environmental and economic development for our male and female members.


The geographical location where the coffee of COMBRIFOL is grown is the rural area of the south-west of Honduras where, in addition, settle the indigenous Lenca.

COMBRIFOL is a syndicate of 134 male and 59 female small-scale coffee producers living in the municipalities of Marcala, Santa Elena, Yarula and Nahuaterique (Ex-bolsones) in the department of La Paz, small villages situated near the border to the Republic of El Salvador. The office of COMBRIFOL is in Marcala in the department of La Paz.


our mission

The Cooperative Mixta Regional “Brisas de la Frontera Limitada” (COMBRIFOL)

seeks to improve the life quality of its members, their families and the communities they live in by an active participation of men and women organized in productive groups in order to generate social change as well as by diversifying production and implementing organic and sustainable agriculture.


Our vision

COMBRIFOL is a self-sustainable organization providing versatile services which contributes to the improvement of the live quality of its members, their families and the communities they live in by practicing the values and principles of justice, equality and solidarity throughout the cooperative's work such as personal support and capacity building as well as by maintaining fair and solidary relations in the international trading of our coffee.