Our members

We are working with regional groups in different communities

 We have members, both male and female, living in different municipalities around Marcala - in total,

we are a syndicate of 193 small-scale coffee producers from the municipalities near to the El Salvadorian border:

Marcala, Santa Elena, Yarula and Nahuaterique (Ex-Bolsones).


We have different working levels:

Regularly we have reunions with all our members.

Neverthless, we formed smaller regional groups in order to guarantee and stregthen the amicable interconnection between our members.

Each regional group elects one or two representatives which participate in the different reuinions and support the decision-making on a supranational level.

Our members as small-scale organic coffee producers

In our group of members, we are a number of 33 small-scale producers who sell their coffee as certified organic to our existing purchasers.

However, there is space to intensify:

We want to raise this number and support more members to achieve an organic certification in order to sell their coffee not to coyotes and poor prices but on the international fair trade market in the future.


Our members as beneficiaries of social projects

Although not all of our members sell their coffee as certified organic, we want all our members to benefit from our incomes of the coffee trade. That is why we offer projects all our members can benefit from.

This includes our social gender and youth efforts likewise as our agroecological workshops.

our members as credit recipients


COMBRIFOL offers its members the possibility to take out a loan even if they don't participate in the disposal of our coffee or in our social projects. They go with good conditions and we continuously invite our members to connect themselves more to the other projects in the cooperative.

Above all, we want them to mutually support each other by following our internal values. 

We hold values of coherence and trust. We want all our members to participate depending on their capacities and invite them always to get involved in the processes of our cooperative.