Our structure

Working areas

At COMBRIFOL we have a grassroots democratic structure.

We are composed of different organs in the decision-making process:


The General Assembly

unites the regional groups of our producers from the four different communities.

The Supervisory Board (J.V.)

monitors all processes in order to guarantee transparency.

The Executive Board (J.D.R.)

is the organ supporting the strengthening of the cooperative conditions.

The Internal Control System (SIC)

controls the organic certification of the producers throughout the year and guarantees the traceability of all work and the ecological totality of our coffee.

The Group of Community Promoter

interlinks the groups and the technicians of COMBRIFOL. They promote organic production and support the communal work in the regional groups.


Besides, we have different committees working with a special focus:

- Gender Committee;

- Education Committee;

- Regional Loans Committee;

- Commercialization Committee.



We have one person elected by the ordinary General Assembly into the management position of the cooperative.

- Eduardo Beltrán Caceres Martínez -


One person operates the administrative and organizational part of the cooperative.

- Delia Armida Nicolas -

Technical group

We have two workplaces in the technical area:

One in the agricultural work and another working in gender issues.

- Jorge Alberto Rivas Hernandez (agriecological technician) and Marta Dalila Aquilar (promoter of gender equality) -