Our values: Working considerate and friendly with people & nature

Social and cooperative values:


One of the COMBRIFOL's aims is to improve the economic, social, cultural, environmental conditions of its members (which are indigenous Lenca) as well as the comunity in which they live.

To support them in the best way, our work is always dedicated to the principles of equality, justice and solidarity to strenthen the personal capacities of each of our members. Besides, working in groups, cooperation, trust and support between our members are values we seek to intensify by development activities and proyects in which the members are invited to share their knowledge and experiences.

The cooperative's values are adapted by the cultivation of crops and the selling of our high-quality coffee as a means of empowerment - each member is supported during the whole cultivation process, likewise we pay a mutual and fair price for the coffee plus bonuses for their agro-ecological production. In the same way we esteem responsibility, honesty, friendly behavior and efficiency as fundamental and permanent values in our cooperative and between our members.

Additionally and without exception we're working in an inclusive and fair manner with all our members, both male and female, to support the personal development as a small-scale peasant and coffee producer just as much as the individual and collective capacity building. Therefore, we pay special attention to integrative activities which peculiarly support marginalized persons such as our group of the indigenous Lenca or (single) women in particular by offering activities to strengthen self-esteem, the knowledge of personal rights as well as the autonomy and independence of women in a patriarchal society in which machismo is omnipresent.


Cooperation and support are central values for COMBRIFOL, which is compounded by its members. The sutainability of the cooperative depends on the strengthening of each of its members, both male and female, in the short, middle and long run just as much as of working close with the natural environment.


We as members of the cooperative seek to pass these values to our children and likewise to the honduran society as a whole in order to intensify the sustainability of our actions and to enable a more harmonic interaction between humans and nature.

That is why COMBRIFOL is organizing different activities for the members and their families, but often we keep them open to interested and curious people in our society to enhance the empowerment and strengthening of skills in total. There are different events on the member's level, but also with their families and the society on a local and internatioal scale.



Ecologic values:


We produce our organic coffee in connection to nature and by following sustainable methods and by attaching great importance to natural diversity. That is why we don't grow our coffee in monocultures but why we cultivate them together with a range of other useful plants and rank growth.

Besides, we emphasize a thrifty use of natural resources, such as water, and we reuse those resources as much as possible, e.g. we use residual waste for the production of organic fertilizer and the kitchen's water and waste to feed our plants and animals. To support our environment in a sustainable manner we keep small groups of animals, as chicken and cattle. Their decrements support the soil's fertility and allows the presence of insects supporting the environmental diversity. E.g. we promote apiculture, likewise different methods such as permapiculture and polimeliculture. The production of honey supports the pollination of special coffee varieties, food, medical and other rampant plants and simultaneously countenances biodiversity in our region and, in the end, of our world. Thereby wild flora and fauna is protected and strengthened generally.


Above all, we connect social values in that form to our members in which they experience the richness and importance of the natural environment. Hence, we focus on activities linking human perception to environmental needs and concerns and to sensitize humans even more in regard to their responsibility. In the same manner we want to continue and to hand over these values to future generations, because we see them as fundamental for life of all kind, therefore yet we seek to be a good example for our sons and daughters.

Fair and solidary trading principles provide us the possibility to continue our job as small-scale farmers;

at the same time we can support our families our communities and the development of the country in which we live.

To coffee buyers and consumers we guarantee an organic and flavourful high-quality coffee and an invenstment in a collaborative work based on the principles of long-term trust, transparency and sustainability.